Helpful Hints on Storing and Using your Phocas Farms Produce

With the Fall crops in full growing glory, we are receiving an abundance of wonderful greens.  Unless you are Bugs Bunny and can consume at least 4 cups of greens in a day, I'm sure you're wondering what you can do with all those greens.  Here are a few helpful hints which might help.

Phocas Farms double rinses and spins the lettuce, but not all the water is gone when it is packed into the bags.  If you will fold a paper towel and place on the inside of your bag, it will help to absorb the remaining water and give your lettuce a longer refrigeration life.

The lettuce above is on it's second growing cycle. Isn't it beautiful.  The leaves were cut about 1 inch above the root system, leaving the root system in tact, and it has regrown to provide another crop of lettuce.  The hoop houses have provided a much longer growing season for many of the crops.


You can apply the same method with your spinach as for the lettuce, placing a paper towel in the side of your bag to absorb any remaining water.  Before you pick up your next bag of spinach, you can steam any remaining spinach from the week before for two minutes, cool and freeze in ziplock freezer bags.  This can then be used to top pizzas, make frittatas, or stir-fried with a little garlic.


Refrigerated radishes will keep for several weeks, but if you are finding an overabundance in your refrigerator, here are some serving suggestions: 

 Slice for a veggie tray ( they're great with ranch dressing or humus);

 Chop very fine in your food processor, mix with butter and a little salt and pepper.  This makes a wonderful spread for crackers.

Try the Roasted Radish with Greens recipe under our recipe section.



I agree.  It's really hard to eat a huge bag of hot peppers in a week, but all peppers, sweet and hot, can be diced and frozen.  No blanching necessary.  Don't forget to remove the seeds before you freeze.  These can be used in egg dishes, soups, stews and any recipe that calls for fresh peppers. . . and if you're really ambitious, there are many recipes out there for hot pepper jellypepper relish and salsa.


They say eggplant can be frozen  . . . . but I have not attempted this yet. My best advice for preserving your eggplant is, when you fix an eggplant dish, double or triple it and place the remaining portions into the freezer for a quick meal on a night you don't have time . . . or don't have the energy . . . to cook.  If you like humus, you must try the Mediterranean Eggplant recipe under our recipe section.  It's delicious.  Serve as you would humus.


If you're in a quandry on what to do with your produce, please send us your questions or comments using the comments section provided with this post.  We want your road to good health with Phocas Farms to be enjoyable.







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