Welcome to Phocas Farms!  We are a small, family-owned farm located in Edmond, OK.  We grow vegetables through eco-friendly methods which we offer through membership in our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program and direct to you from our farm.

We look forward to bringing healthy, nutritious food to you and your family!

Saint Phocas

News From the Farm

  • Sweet Potato Harvest

    In the midst of the farm's fall chores last week was the harvest of the sweet potato trials.  OSU-Stillwater brought a potato digger to the farm and helped us to harvest our sweet potatoes.  


    The tops of the sweet potatoes must be removed before the potato digger goes through the field.  Otherwise, the green tops will jam the machine. 

    Our one and only, Steve Hill, covered in weed-eaten sweet potato tops. 

    Potato digger turning up lovely sweet potatoes.

    Sweet Potatoes after the digger went through the row.

    This is our abundant crop of harvested sweet potatoes.  We have two varieties of white sweet potatoes and three varieties of orange sweet potatoes.  This will help us determine which varieties to grow in the future.

    The sweet potatoes must be cured before they are ready to eat and store.  We look forward to bringing you these sweet gems just before Thanksgiving. 


  • Welcome Hilda Cobb, Co-Manager of Phocas Farms

    We would like to welcome Hilda Cobb to our Phocas Farms family. 


    Hilda will be co-managing the farm alongside Steve and Lisa.  She is currently pursuing a 2-year degree in horticulture at OSU-OKC with an emphasis in Sustainable Crops Production.  She feels strongly about living a healthy lifestyle, and her recovery from a personal health crisis has brought her from working more than 20 years as a legal bookkeeper into the world of farming, in particular, farming organically.  She has volunteered and done internship work at various farms in Oklahoma that grow using organic methods.  Since adopting a plant-based diet nearly 5 years ago, her passion is eating fresh fruits and vegetables that are produced in a manner that is kind to our planet and brings health to our bodies.

    Hilda's abundant knowledge and fresh ideas for a sustainable farm is a valuable asset to Phocas Farms.

  • Fall/Winter 2013 CSA Preparation Begins

    FALL IS HERE!  With the cooling of the days and nights here in Oklahoma and the beginning of our Fall Farm-To-School program and Fall/Winter CSA Membership, Phocas Farms is in full swing planting our cool weather crops. 


    Brassicas (broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, cabbage) will be a part of the Farm-To-School program produce this fall, as well as a part of the share received by our loyal CSA members.


    Sweet potatoes will be harvested in October, cured or hardened-off for storage purposes, and ready to distribute to our CSA members in November, just in time for Thanksgiving dinner.


    The okra is still in full growdom (a new word for your farming dictionary).  Look at the size of that okra.  This summer's downpour of rain did the okra well.  Nothing more beautiful in the vegetable garden.  The flowers remind me of beautiful white hibiscus blooms.


    The Swiss Chard is peeking through the ground in the hoop house.  Can't wait for that spinach-like veggie to stir-fry up some greens.


    Beautiful kale.  Dreaming of Kale Chips.


    The carrots are just peeking through the ground.  These sweet gems will be a part of the diets of the children reaping the nutritious benefits of Edmond's Farm-to-School program, as well as enjoyed by our CSA members.


    The turnips are beautiful...succession planted...will be harvested throughout most of the Fall/Winter CSA season.  Turnip hash??  Check out this yummy recipe here.


    Be sure to get your membership reservation and forms into Steve by October 1st.  We're looking forward to seeing your smiling faces again soon.


    From our farm to your table, have a blessed day!







  • Here's What's Happening at Phocas Farms . . . . .

    Phocas Farms is in full swing.  If it's happening, it's happening here!


    The onions have been harvested.


    The zucchini is ready to pick.


    The Department of Agriculture brings guests to tour the farm.


    We've posted many new recipes recently.  Be sure to check the Recipe section of the website for new ways to prepare your Phocas Farms produce.



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About Our Name

We are named for Saint Phocas the Gardener - the patron saint of Gardeners.  He was an inn keeper, gardener, and eventually a martyr.  Saint Phocas used his surplus crops to feed the poor.  We want our farm name to continually remind us of our priorities in life. 



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